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Monday, January 2, 2012

So DAMN right!

if she's going through her worst right now,

So small, so pure

Looking Up by ~ Elizabeth McCrorie

I know you see me
I know your there,
But in my heart it’s not fair.
If I look up I see the sky,
And I know up there
It’s hard to hide.
The sky is soft blue,
With white milky clouds,
How can you be in a place
Not found?
In the end,
I fall to my knees
Close my eyes and think of thee.
If you are who you say to be,
Then please oh please take care of me.
Cause I believe!

loved you enough

our dreams


— Unknown

“a real man doesn’t keep someone he loves waiting”

Ashley Greene :D

The best quote

The best quote isn't having the words of the longest 
or the most beautiful, but the one that matches with 
our feeling when we read it.

I can't agree with this more. Same goes with the opposite sex!

If you are important to him, 
he'll find a way to be with you,
if not, he'll make an excuse.