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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be my Valentine

Taylor Swift - Love Story

i don't need anything else, just you

i will always love you
i don't need anything else, just you
your touch, your smile, your love, 
you, you and you
i will love you 

Is that a good enough excuse? 

Valentine - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video)

Your happiess is entirely under your control.

You should have opened your eyes. I was crazy for you.

things change when you finally
have enough and move on.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hum Tum

First doctor.

The Signs Disappointed/Discontent Reaction on Valentine’s Day

Aries -

Taurus -

Gemini -

Cancer -

Leo -


Libra -

Scorpio -


Capricorn -

Aquarius -

Pisces -

John 3:16

To love (a story)

Valentines ideas

If you're in a relationship, i have one thing to say to both of you.

Boys, valentines day is every day if you truly like/love her. So don't spend your entire wallet on Feb 14th. Spread the surprises and you will be rewarded in one way or another :)

Girls, don't have high expectations of today. Feb 14 is no different from any other day. Just loosen up and allow some soft time with your valentine.

Here are some thoughts on what you can do today, tomorrow, on Feb 14 or just on daily basis.

A good way to connect and just relax and chill is by doing a massage. Massage is something i think most people appreciate with all the tension and stress around us.
When your man/woman comes home - lit some candles and buckle up with pillows and body oil. Maybe even some bodybutter!?! there is no limitation to a romantic evening. A star in the corner if there is a dinner afterwards ;)

Kissing - soul meets soul on lover's lips. Ever felt that feeling of warmth and vibration in your chest when you kiss? No? Yes? A tips is to stay with your boy/girl and focus on it. I promise it will make a difference.

I think once people find someone and get together - 90% lose the sparks after a while. What the hell are you dooooing? You got the girl (or guy) keep flirting. Make is a habit to be playful with your partner. Not only will your happiness increase but the satisfaction, appreciation, will hit the roof and the stress and worries will head straight to hell!

Routines... break some, mend some, create some. Be spontaneous. Get crazy. So something new every once in a while... preferable once a month for those who are super busy. To those who are not. every 3rd week ;)

Talk!!! Talk with your partner. Have a communication and say what you think. Humans can't read minds... okay some can but not everyone...

Clean you life, house and yourself. and magic will arise. Smelling good is a turn on..

Lastly, Connect with your partner by listening, supporting, being honest and loving :)

If you're single,

don't scroll through tumblr, facebook, twitter thinking Forever Alone or spend the whole day on the net. No get out, f l i r t, have a ladies night out or just hang out with your friends, go see a movie, read, groom yourself do anything and make the day all about you. Love yourself inside out and maybe... maybe there will be sparks :) 

Being single is all about you, enjoy it - you got the rest of your lifeto spend with your Mr. Right or Ms. Right. Make sure you know yourself well enough first. Celebrate valentines day with joy, and remember a smile on your lips, a glint in your eyes, and kindness in your heart. 

Love, Live, Laugh readers! I love you all! :)

Sara Bareilles - Love Song


... is a criminal in disguise, it attacks you when you least expect it and wants you to be fine with it.