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Saturday, June 25, 2011




That feeling

Just do it

Mansour Bahrami - The Open Drive: Australian Open 2011

Oh man, this man is amazing!
No joke! Just youtube Mansour Bahrami - a pure entertainer
and a Tennis legend!

Boys become men when they

  1. Follow you when you walk out
  2. call you back when you hang up
  3. hug you when you punch him
  4. kiss you when you nag
  5. watch chick-flicks with you
  6. tolerate you crying over love stories
  7. hand you the remote
  8. pass on the booze night just to listen to your rantings
  9. don't flare up when you give car directions
  10. says "I'm sorry" and tell you he needs you..

I don't care and I care

I don't care how many lips you've kissed, how many shoulders you've embraced and how many times you've said, I Love You! All I care is not be the first but to be your last!

~ Scott Summers / Cyclops

that darn love shot

Sometimes, cupid fail to hit that darn love shot.

that split second

one way or another

who you are

for once someone actually wants to

"i trust you"

I'm not

hang on

It is done.

Sweet Chocolate

Let me tell you about my chocolate wonder

His kisses sweet like hershey, rolling through me like thunder

He holds me so tight, I don't want him to let go

His touch is so powerful, it hits me like a sharp blow

Every touch so tender, every touch filled with care

He makes me melt like butter, he is my soft teddy bear

And when I'm hurting, he feels my pain

He embraces me, and pours his love on me like rain

I don't know what the future holds, but I pray it holds my Sweet Chocolate

A Poem for my EX:


I'm feeling so happy, do you know why?
Because I'm so lucky, do you know how?
Because God loves me, do you know how?
Because he gave me a gift, do you know what?
It's YOU my love.

You must let it go

that's why you shouldn't hug people you don't know


Harry Potter

So have a heart


telling people you're tired
when in reality you're just really... really sad.