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Saturday, February 14, 2015

i love this girl

i don't care if it's 5 minute or a whole night, i just want to see you.

adorable ^^ Big Hero 6

this just doesn't make sense.

“Sometimes following your heart means breaking someone else’s.”

blah blah

Words are just words. People use words as a way to express themselves, They use them to lift up, to tear down, in jest, to express an emotion they’re feeling, etc… In the end they’re just words, and there comes a point when we have to decide whether those words are worth anything, or just a smoke screen for something they themselves aren’t honest with themselves about. 

I am tired of fucking words. I will no longer be taken in by fucking words. You can blah, blah, blah all damn day, but it’s going to fall on deaf ears from now on, because your words mean nothing … they didn’t mean a god-damned thing. So fuck you and your words!

— Joe Pound

Who's going to be single on the 14th of February?


i have to stop

“I have to stop falling in love with memories.”

Love her.

Love her. 
Because some days, she just can’t do it herself.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone !