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Friday, December 23, 2011

7x09 Gemini

Can anything compare with a bouquet of flowers.... no..... roses =)

1x02 Metamorphosis


And I shall love you 'til death do us apart and beyond

outgrow you


an internet blessing

Wearing new shoes for the first time

What I feel like:

What I actually look like:

his first choice

With your sibling...



Fez is nice and clean

Throwing snowballs and watching snowflakes fall

Great.... what?

You were good, it was cute

Distance is just a test to see...

why don't people learn to spell.... *sigh*

Lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice

happy all the time

3x03 Extinction

Results from the Poll:

New background. What do you think?

Definitely an improvement ;)
  0 (0%)
Very suitable !
  0 (0%)
3 words: I LOVE IT :D
  2 (50%)
Don't really care :/
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Keep surprising me with backgrounds because I love it! :D
  2 (50%)

Votes: 4 

Conclusion: You love whatever background I make :D Hurraaay ^^ Thank you for those people who took time and voted :)

It sucks doesn't it?

Experience Revealing:

The worst thing you could 
do to a girl is to compare
her to another girl.