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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Facts on Learning

Did you know that:

     1. We only remember about 10% of what we read 
         (textbooks, papers, articles etc)

     2.  We only retain about 20% of what we hear 
         (lectures, talks, podcasts, conversations etc)

     3. We only remember about 30% of what we see 
         (videos, graphs and photographs)

     4.  We remember about 50% of what we hear and see together 
          (a presentation, demonstration or exhibition)

     5. When we’re an active participant in learning, we remember 70% of the material 
         (This includes taking part in a discussion, writing down what 
          you hearing and observing, and actively reflecting on presented material)  

     6. When you are the teacher or presenter, and have to share your 
         learning with others, you remember close to 90% of what you’ve learned.

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