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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Welcome July :D

And we are half way in!
Loads of things have happened during the time i haven't been on here but to be honest the real world is getting to me(!) After 3 years of studies i've finally graduated *yay* and got a real job, getting a real salary. We've had guests, parties and of course the after work so there has not really been any time to sit down and unwind, because when those moments emerged friends swoop in and we hang out :) It is kinda nice to have something going on all the time. However there is a plot twist in my life at the moment :P 

There was one uncle who made me change my mind about a certain thing. Why be a side-kick when you can be a boss? I think this is important. Why do people stop chasing their dream and live a mediocre life or ordinary life? Somehow i did, but not anymore. I've set my eyes on a new goal, destination and purpose and i will not waver until i get where i want to be. I'm glad that it didn't take 3-5 years for me to realize this and for that i'm grateful :)
Question to you. Are you happy with the place you are right now? Can you improve it? Do you feel like you're growing from the place you are or do you just feel like you're passing time? In a perfect world, what would you do in order to be the best and most awesome version of yourself? 
Alright i gotta go and rest, while i've been awol i've also managed to get really sick so wish me Get-Well-Soon? 


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