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Monday, June 2, 2014

Welcome June!

Hello You! 
We are 6 months into 2014 and doesn't it feel fantastic? 

Hmm... alright maybe you are feeling like me, a little nauseous for what lies ahead. I'm graduating for real and well it is the closing of another chapter. It feel GREAT but at the same time it is a little scary. Now its all about living and discover ourselves and the world. 

My head is bubbling with ideas and dream and things to cross off my bucket list. I'm feeling great about the fact of graduating University having a job! I think this is going to be great summer. 

I have a mission for you. It is normal for people (all ages) to become lazy during the summer and some might even be paralyzed because they don't know what to do with all this free time. Therefore i want you to EVERY evening or morning write a to do list. Pick up something you want to get good at and make sure to dedicate yourself into doing it each and every day (it's okay to have ONE day for rest!) Then tell me how it went, i have 2 missions for this month to myself, one is a work out program and the other is a life kicker ;)

See you!

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