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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chapter 11 of 12

Dear Readers, 

We are a week into November and i have more to do than i imagined. How is it for you? Exams before the holidays? Conferences to attend too? Guess the finalization for 2015 is what's going on mostly. At least for me. 

Got an email  not so long ago from... let's call it "the Past". It was a short and sweet email, to which i'd normally reply to short and sweetly. However i made a promise not to revisit or re-initiate contact unless something was dire. Yes she is a woman of principles. 

In this case it wasn't. It was just bread crumbs. Surprisingly, the next shot came shortly afterwards which made me reconsider the decision. To a positive fault. I didn't reply; and i haven't applied. 

A former interviewer reached out giving me a heads up on an opening. Now I would love the challenge - but out of respect and principles i'm thinking, would it be wise. Are there any other options? 

I guess what i'm trying to convey by this little event is that, despite the fact that a thousand strings are pulling you in every direction possible, your desires, your dreams, your instincts, your goals, your ambitions, your friends and family,  your boss/teachers, yourself etc. you have to remember to take a step back, and analyse the situation. Even if it's for 30 seconds only

Hope you have a fabulous month with a lot of wise decisions and memories.


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