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Monday, July 27, 2015

— Can we literally stop the world together - drunk-and-dis0rderly

“I have a craving, so delightfully strong, I want someone. I want the moment with that someone. The moment in which you’re stuck, just the two of you. Smiling into each other’s eyes. The split second where nothing happens, yet you feel everything.
I want the first kiss with someone. Someone that can leave a magical feeling just floating around my world. Looking into her eyes and knowing she’s smiling so freely back at me, knowing she’s in this moment waiting. Leaning in, with my hand cupping her face and holding her close to slowly kiss her. Feeling her smiling through the kiss, slowly breathing together as our bodies become one. Meshed together in soft love, stress evaporates through the air.

Everlasting, still intertwined forgetting the world is passing us by. Because in this moment we can last forever and a day. Because whilst we are kissing, our spirits are twisting and shouting in joyful glee.

I want that first raw kiss with someone. A crazed surge of lip biting, neck sucking, arse grabbing, euphoria. Taking each second in with a raw love.

Pulling her hair to the side and kissing down her neck, hearing the gentle moans of pleasure escaping her body as I suck presciently along her collarbone, before holding her face in place and kissing her again, and again, and again. Each time harder, passion erupting between us.

Slowly our clothes fall away, until I’m kissing her neck again, then her chest, then her stomach. Taking my time, leaving purple love bites every inch. Writing a new chapter of our story with my mouth and tongue. Licking gently up her body and into another kiss, then a pause. And a deep breath almost simultaneously.

I want that first kiss, I want the passion of a new love. I want the world to stop spinning and wait for us. I need that first kiss. I need the desire to have someone who wants me just as much that we can literally stop the world.”

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