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Monday, June 8, 2015

How Do You Act When You Have A Crush?

Aries: Like everything an Aries does, crushes are intense and quick, and they don’t think for too long before they act; the average time that lapses between an Aries developing a crush on someone and asking them out is about an hour.

Taurus: Taureans are masters at hiding their emotions, so while their crush may be undetectable to others, it’s a really intense, all-consuming, insomnia-inducing experience on the inside.

Gemini: Normally chatty Geminis do even more nervous talking (not to mention nervous joke-making!) around the object of their affection. They’ll look for any excuse to strike up a conversation with their crush.

Cancer: Cancers want to be pursued, so while their feelings might be strong, their actions will be subtle and shy: glances from across the room, maybe a flirty text, but nothing too bold!

Leo: Leos turn the charm up to 11 when they have a crush on someone, showering them with flattery and compliments. True fact: if a Leo has a crush on you, it probably won’t be long before you have a crush on them too.

Virgo: Virgos get super nervous around their crushes and analyze every single detail about interaction (“He said hi instead of hey–what does it meeeaan?!”) to try to decide how to proceed.

Libra: Lovey-dovey Libras are usually balancing multiple crushes at once, but their approach is always the same: making sure to look their best around their crush(es), presenting their most positive qualities, and showering their crush with compliments.

Scorpio: A more accurate term for a Scorpio crush would be “all-consuming obsession with a side of light stalking.” Scorpios will secretly find out every possible detail about the person and spend every waking (and dreaming) moment fixating on the object of their affections.

Sagittarius: Competitive Sagittarians approach winning over their crush as if it were a contest. They’ll recruit everyone they know to talk them up whenever their crush is around, and invite their crush to events that allow them to show off their formidable talents.

Capricorn: Capricorns need to know everything about their crushes before they decide whether or not to act on their feelings. They’ll gather info about everything from how much money their crush makes to their political leanings.

Aquarius: When an Aquarian has a crush on someone, they’ll want to become best friends with them, integrate themselves into the person’s social circle, and hang out constantly until the friendship finally becomes something more.

Pisces: It doesn’t take much to send a Pisces to romantic La-La Land, and a crush will definitely do the trick. Pisceans will spend their days daydreaming about their crush, doodling the person’s name with hearts around it, and imagining their perfect future together.

Source: TheFrisky

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