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Monday, May 25, 2015

— thepenaddict83

“I’ve been blessed with a beautiful mind but what a dangerous place it has become
It holds me captive by obsessing but it’s a masterpiece to some
I could never live a life of simplicity, I over think my every move
It forces me to toward perfection as if I have something to prove
It diminishes my craving for much needed seclusion
It turns my realistic thoughts into parallel illusions
It overpowers my intuition and forces me to make mistakes
It makes me take chances, putting any and everything at stake
It demands I share my thoughts, I can’t keep anything I feel in
It gives me the best justifications as I partake in sin
It reminds that I’m human and of all my pros and cons combined
It taught me that there’s a reason I’m a Prisoner of my own Mind….. -”

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