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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

— If you date me

If you date me there’s some things you have to know,

1. There will be days where I get too sad to even get out of bed so please don’t get angry if I’m not replying.

2. I fight a war everyday inside my head and somedays there are battle scars on my body.

3. I drink to forget the demons I’m fighting, but I promise I am faithful.

4. I’ve hated myself for so long it’s hard to be told beautiful words that weren’t made for people like me, so forgive me when I cringe when you touch me.

5. I care way more then I’ll let you know and I’m really sensitive, nothing else to that.

6. I get scared that everyone is going to realize how awful I am and that they’re going to leave me so I apologize for making you tell me why you love me all the time.

7. I’m bad at kind of everything I do but I swear I will love you the best I can.

8. I like to drive at night because everything is blurred and I hope there will be something in the road and cause an accident.

9. I trust easily and forgive too often please don’t use that against me.

10. Thank you for loving me even on the bad days, I love you too I’m just not too good at showing it.

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