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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Let's get real.

Frankly all these April please me good, or be great is getting ridiculous. In the beginning i uploaded them mostly because they looked pretty and some were really nice but now, i see people begging for the months to be great. It is painful in a way for me. Sure some people need that kind of hope. I can understand that but why are they hoping for a great April when they have all the control they can have today, at this very moment.

My life is right now is pretty much taped and glued, i've figured out where i've been and how i got there and now i am recovering and i think it is ridiculous to say "April, please be good" or "April please be kind" Those pictures are making someone a VICTIM or a DEPENDANT person and listen up, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER choose to be a victim.

Now there are also those April messages that say "April is gonna be awesome" or "April here i come" i love those, they are encouraging a VICTOR and INDEPENDENT approach. You are the one controlling the outcome of April. Deciding and creating the best April you possibly can and i am seeing everywhere messages from young and beautiful people choosing to say something from a dependant state. As if someone else is running the show. You Have All The Control You Need. Stop Paying Attention To Everyone Else (and the voices in your head) And Listen To Yourself, See Yourself and Do It. 

So please this month may your holiday be filled with great food and family and friends and loads of laughter and i wish that the forth month into the year will make you stronger, even if you can see the change not, micro movement are the ones that keeps up alive (that is biology my friends) 

I love all my followers, and i don't think i say that enough but i do :) 

Have a wonderful April and my goal this month is to work out and get stronger, not because of society but because i love cookies and chocolate and i am eating way too much of it :P haha what is your goal and why do you want to archive it? 


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