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Sunday, April 12, 2015

18 Signs That She Likes You

Men have been searching for answers about women since the dawn of time. What do women want? How can one tell when a woman is interested? The behavior and thoughts of women can seem like a complete mystery to men everywhere. To many, women can almost appear as a completely different species at times. It is no wonder that early man worshiped women, and perhaps the earliest idea of a supernatural being was “mother nature,” the goddess which gave birth to all life. In the end however, women are as human as the rest of us, and many signs that a woman is attracted to a man can be easily observed.

#1 She Looks Out For You
When a woman is very attracted to a man, she goes out of her way to show that she cares and wants to ensure his well-being. Part of this is instinctual, forming tight bonds with someone naturally results in a mutual obligation to ensure each other’s safety and comfort. On the other hand, it is a sign of a real strong relationship, one in which two people really value each other’s company.

#2 She Gets Angry or Controlling Over Small Things
A woman might seem needy when she constantly makes a big deal over what a guy might think of as non-important issues, but what she’s really doing is displaying an interest in a man’s life, and striving to improve that existence. By making suggestions and communicating her disapproval of certain habits or decisions in a man’s life, she is proving that she is committed to making a difference and wants to play a large role in “her man’s” daily activities.

#3 She Subconsciously Shows That She’s Fertile
There are many things a woman does subconsciously with her body language that indicates she is fertile. The intent of this behavior is to attract males. This is something which is deeply rooted in human biology. Examples of this behavior can come in many forms. A woman might wear her hair down when in the company of a man that attracts her, or she might tilt her head, which exposes pheromones. A woman could also indicate she is fertile by exposing the soft skin of her hands and wrists, or by the uncontrollable reaction of blood rushing to her face, thereby creating a blushed expression.

#4 She Tells Her Friends or Parents About You
A woman doesn’t tell her friends or parents about a man unless she’s sure that he’s someone who will play a special and unique role in her life. It’s a sign she’s serious about a guy, and that she’s so enamoured by him that she can’t help but tell anyone who will listen all about it. It’s a great sign that a girl has a guy on her mind.

#5 She Wants to Talk To You 24/7
A woman who is very attracted to a guy will constantly try to contact him. This is a sign that a girl is definitely thinking about a guy throughout most of her day. It might even be a sign that a girl is worrying about the status of her relationship with a guy to such an extent that she needs to reaffirm it at every turn. Either way, a girl who wants to talk to a guy 24/7 is undoubtedly highly attracted to him.

#6 The Language of the Purse
Women use their purses to display body language to such an extent that it could be considered a completely unique method of non-verbal communication when compared to other signs of attraction. A women who clutches her purse close to her is indicating her discomfort at being around a particular person or situation. When she holds it loosely, or better yet when she puts it down altogether, it is a sign that she is at ease and available.

#7 She Sets Expectations
From the point of view of a clueless man, it can seem confusing and unforeseen when a woman expects him to treat her in a very serious, intimate manner when it comes to special occasions. This can be especially confusing when a man views that female as only a friend. When a woman requests a man to treat her like a lover on a special occasion, it can seem like something completely out of the blue, especially when they are in what a man assumes to be only a platonic relationship. This is a clear sign that a woman has been fantasizing about a man, and wants to make those fantasies come to life during a special outing together.

#8 She Touches You
When a woman is attracted to a man, she makes any excuse to touch him. Examples of this could include brushing up against him, touching his hands or even play fighting. A stronger example of this is when a woman adjusts a man’s appearance in order to make him look more attractive. This is a clear sign that is eyeing a man up as a potential partner.

#9 Through Specific Body Language
There are so many signs of female attraction that are displayed through body language it is impossible to list them all. One very notable sign of female attraction is the arching of the back. Another very obvious form of body language which is intended to attract males is leaning in towards the male, usually when a woman is having a conversation with a male she is interested in. When a woman chews her lips or becomes fidgety, chances are she’s interested. Also, when a woman crosses her legs and arms, it generally means she is bored and uninterested. Conversely, when a woman keeps her legs uncrossed and her arms visible, it usually means she is attracted and available to a man. On the other hand, a woman crossing her legs in certain situations might actually indicate arousal, especially when a woman points her legs towards a man when she crosses them.

#10 She Uses Words That Are Suggestive and Implicative
A woman is often more aroused by verbal cues than physical ones. When a woman uses seductive wording, and brings up the subject of intimacy, it is a clear sign she is attracted and interested. Phrases that are especially indicative of desire in females are those that include words such as “I want” or “I love.” A woman who is adventurous enough to use seductive phrases in the company of a man is clearly attracted to him.

#11 She Unusually Asks About Your Family
A woman who asks about a man’s family is sometimes seriously considering him as a potential romantic partner. In other situations, this is merely innocent small-talk, so be careful you don’t wrongly identify this as intimate behavior. In many situations, however, the reason that a woman asks these kind of questions is to get a better idea of what kind of person a man is, what kind of family values he has, and whether he will emulate the same family life as the one he grew up in.

#12 She Laughs at Your Jokes Even When They Aren’t Funny and She’s Not Trying to Be Polite
When a woman makes it her imperative to laugh extra hard at all of a man’s jokes, even when a man wasn’t intending to be friendly, it is a clear sign that she’s interested. When a woman reacts to a man’s input in a conversation, she is making it clear that she is engaged with him. This is even more extenuated when a woman and a man are in a group conversation, and a woman diverts all of her attention exclusively towards the man she is attracted to.

#13 She Gets You a Gift or Makes You Things
A woman who really cares about a man will look for any excuse to prove that she has indeed been thinking about him and cares for him. A gift or something similar is a very sweet way for a girl to show her affections. This is especially thoughtful because it exposes a vulnerable side of a woman, who is not afraid to reveal her true desires.

#14 She Plays Hard To Get or Gives You Mix Signals To See How You’d Cared
Don’t give up if a girl is doing the exact opposite of everything that is listed here. A girl might be acting disinterested because she secretly feels such strong desires for a man that she is afraid of revealing her feelings. This is one of the hardest signs to spot, but could mean that a girl is feeling intensely desirous for a guy.

#15 She Speaks the Same “Language” As You or Mirrors You
A girl who is seriously romantically interested in a guy will go out of her way to show that she has a lot in common with him. This could manifest as the sharing of certain inside jokes, or the formation a shared vocabulary, words whose meanings they both understand but no one else does. This is a way for a girl to show a guy that he’s the only one who holds a special place in her heart, that they share a bond that is not found anywhere else in the world.

#16 She Lets You Know She’s Single
A girl who lets a guy know about her relationship status is almost always weighing up her chances of forming a relationship with him. It’s a definite sign of interest, the question itself implies desire. For a girl to ask that question she has to reveal that she is considering a relationship, which is a risk only taken by those who are serious.

#17 She Comes to You for Advice Even When She’s the Type to Not Seek Advice
A girl who constantly asks a guy for advice is clearly interested in him. For a girl to value a guy’s wisdom, she has to respect him. A girl asking a guy for advice is a girl who venerates that guy, who sees him as almost a god, a girl who wants to live their life with his desires in mind.

#18 She Speaks Differently To You Than To Everyone Else
A girl who speaks differently when in the presence of a man clearly is trying to make an impression on that man, and wants him to view her as a potential partner. A girl who tries to make herself seem more feminine around a guy she likes is clearly trying to make him stop seeing her as “just a friend.” It’s a clear sign of attraction.

What would you say are signs that a girl likes you and is not being polite?

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