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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

— Haley Mae

tell me words aren’t powerful
go ahead
I dare you
I dare you to tell me that
words don’t make you feel things
tell me you don’t feel anything when your father told you you’re worthless
tell me that
tell me that you have no emotion
because darling
you ignorant fuck
I want to fix you
I don’t know what it is in me
that wants to fix everyone
I want to tell people what they are worth
i want to make them feel something
but most of the time people think I’m crazy
and I’m always afraid I will come on too strong
and maybe thats why I write it down
maybe that’s why people tend to call me quiet
maybe that’s why I’ve always been a bit unwelcoming
I’m afraid of what I have to say
because I’m afraid it will be to brutally true
but then again
maybe it could fix you

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