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Friday, January 2, 2015

— marina v., twelve promises to myself (1/365 days).

“i. i will love myself. i will love the messiness of my hair, the wiriness of it, the defiance. i will love the redness of my lips and the quirkiness of my teeth. i will love the smallness of my breasts and the fullness of my face. i will love the skin that heals and forgives. i will love all of me.
ii. i will find order in the chaos of my thoughts. i will find peace.

iii. i will speak the things i want to hear. i will write the things i want to read. i will be the person i want to meet.

iv. i will reclaim my youth, the freedom of it, the fearlessness, the romance.

v. i will be kind and i will demand kindness.

vi. i will nourish my body the best i can. i will care for it, i will heal it, i will find a home in it.

vii. i will take too many photos.

viii. i will spend less time on my phone and more time surrounded by people.

ix. i will stop biting my lips.

x. i will cry less and laugh more.

xi. i will stop fearing loss of control.

xii. i will love with a full heart. i will not fear hurt. i will live, now that i know i can survive.”

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