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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Bet.

The Bet.

A guy and a girl made a bet. They came up with the idea that whoever lost at a particular game of their choice would have to do something they would never do in public, in front of everybody, that nobody would expect. The girl made sure it was a game she would win because she wanted to see the guy do something crazy. Unfortunately, the guy was an expert at the game she chose, but he never told her. The guy lost the game on purpose, without letting her know. She laughed, she cheered, she gloated saying, “You gotta do something in front of everybody!”. Secretly, he called up his family and friends, her family and friends, and anyone else he knew to meet up with them. So the girl and the guy went to the busiest place in the city, with thousands of people around. She noticed familiar faces and was so confused as to why they were all there. She turned to look at the guy. He took her by the hand and got down on one knee. He took out his ring, smiled at her and said, “I have to tell you the truth. I let you win, just so I could do this in front of everybody. But it doesn’t matter if you win every game we play from now on, because the only thing I need is you. And if you take me as your husband, I’d have won the best thing in the world. Will you marry me?”


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