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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

“New Year’s Resolutions:

- Have more three a.m. dance parties. More late nights laughing with friends, more bonfires, more stupid choices and lessons learned. Enjoy youth a little more.

- Stress less. Cry less over homework, over projects procrastinated and tests piling up; save more tears for laughter, for unbearable happiness. Be okay with less than perfect.

- Learn to eat that second cookie. Learn when to load up on the greens and cut out the crap, and when to let go. Enjoy eating, taste everything. Stop stepping on the scale.

- Be more vulnerable. Stay up all night just to figure out the universe, talk about everything. Find that person: the one to tell everything. Then, tell them everything. Find relief in being understood.

- Be a little silly. Go to karaoke night even though you can’t hit the notes. Dance like nobody is watching (chances are, they’re not). Speak your mind even when your voice shakes. Be bold.

- Breathe. Go for walks every week, look at the stars whenever they’re out, take bubble baths. Find a space and don’t let anyone take it away. Live in the moment and love every second of it.

- Love yourself. Every last freckle, scar, and bump. Every missed question and failed idea, every little quirk. Love yourself until you understand why other people love you, too.

- Survive. Thrive.”
This year I’m going to learn how to live // J.S.

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