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Monday, December 1, 2014

May all your dreams come true in December ♥

Last chapter of the year. Amazing. We made it. I'll be writing a post closer to New Year about my 2014 and i'd love if you could comment with yours! :) 

Today is going to be a short post about sleep and mornings. 

Now that it's darker and (much) colder, most people don't want to leave the bed. At least i don't want to :P So what makes you get up in the morning? Do you feel like you're having to battle yourself to get up and get going? Have you explored why that is? or are you a morning person who is excited and just up and ready before the rest of the family? 

Whoever you are i want to break-down 3 facts.
  1. Morning hours between 5-11am are irreplaceable. You will get most work done if you have the discipline to get started. 
  2. Create rituals to shape your life. Such as 30-60 min meditation or reading. 
  3. This is the best time of the day where you can focus on your growth. Get into bed early and get up early. Enjoy the view or make it sparkly ;) 

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