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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I have to share this post. 

Many people forget to love themselves, myself included. When times get darker and Fall itself - presenting us with far less sunlight than we had during the summer contributes to a more depressing period of time unless you are surrounded by family or activities that keeps you busy and active. 

Make sure to fill up your schedule with things you love/like to do on rainy, shady days. Make plans with your friends. Call someone up from your phone list. Go shopping, go to the movies, Plan a 3 meal dinner with your buddies, go to the library and fill your mind with wonder. There are so many things to do - so do it! :) 

Personally, i'm on a vacation. It was rather a spontaneous last minute decision. I am incredibly grateful for being here. Being here, in this period of time - in my life is kinds of scary, interesting and unfamiliar. New people, new environment, new version of me, new encounters etc. 

My wish for you this month is to enjoy Fall; go Trick and Treating, decorate your garden/balcony/patio. Light candles and immerse yourself in love :)This is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. Wear pink, take care of yourself and most of all LOVE. Love yourself and those worthy of love :)


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