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Thursday, August 21, 2014

~ Snowy

It's Me Your Shadow
I’ve been following you throughout
your life; I’ve watched you make
mistakes, even sometimes falling twice.

Giving your love to whoever offers
a good lay, I am your only true love
so why in my arms you won’t forever

Searching for yourself in broken cisterns,
where your heart could never run free.

Down to the dirt you are ready to sink.
You’ll never notice me, the shadow that
catches you when you are ready to fall,
and the one who’ll come running when
you call.

Following you on your journey, that keeps
putting my heart in the grinder, and like a
sticky note I keep trying to remind you.

It’s me your shadow, the one you call your
best friend, the one who has to pretend.
Pretend that I don’t love you in a different
way, the one who gather you up when your
heart is about to break.

Yes I feel like your shadow that you call
upon when things go astray, and you keep
wasting me like good woman can be replace.

It’s me your shadow saying I love you, I am screaming out and like those that have hurt
you, you is tarring my heart out.

Don’t abandon something real for something
that will never live.

It’s me .

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