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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Just A Minute

It only took a minute for me to have this feeling
The one that it was my heart you were stealing
It only took me a minute to confess my deep love
To say the truth about this boy I kept thinking of

You only needed a minute to tell you felt the same
That your heart was also burning like a bright flame
It took us a minute to have our first unforgettable kiss
The one I still dream of having and will forever miss

A minute was the time we needed to realize it was real
And butterflies in our stomach we could both feel
It only took a minute till life took you away from me
While I live trough ashes and no future I can see

Now I need more than a minute to realize how to live
Since I have no more love and hope that I can give
But I can still remember all these minutes we spent
I keep hoping you can listen all the whispers I have sent

For so more than just a minute I keep letting my tears fall
Calling for your name while looking at this agonizing wall
For a minute I thought if I should give in and let myself go
Since the brightest star you loved can’t seem to glow

Maybe for just a minute I will still be able to dream
And forget all this pain inside me that I need to scream
I just want a minute to know why I have I lost you
Wishing for an answer to this crime that I don’t have a clue.

By: Liliana

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