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Saturday, March 1, 2014

dear March

March is here and life is looking brighter.

I have to say that i am truly sorry for not being able to blog as often as i used too, this is mostly because i am graduating this year and we have a very intense schedule until summer.

During February, i've taken a step back. I've looked at a few things from a much more objective place and it makes sense. I know exactly who and want i want even though i have periods of "cluelessness". I think you can do that too. 

Take a step back and see where, what and whom brings out positivity in you vs. where, what and whom brings out the negativity in you. This will benefit you in an enormous way.

Think which kind of energy you want most. I think we all would agree we want the things that brings out the positive energies from us. Be brave to stand up on that and let the negative people go. 

I would strongly recommend to have conversations with yourself about different situations. Identify why you feel like you do. Listen to your gut - not heart or brain - but the gut. 

Example: i was happy as a bee until i saw a persons nickname in my inbox.
  • Identify primary response, evaluate if it's good/bad: My heart sunk (=sad/bad).
  • Why? Because this person always disappoints me (among other things)
  • What will i do about it? I won't invest any emotions or energy on this person. Minimize time investment.
This is just a short mental evaluation you can do about things happening in your life. It will help you bring clarity and you will also understand yourself a lot more :)

I wish you all a wonderful March! 
Smallville xox

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