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Sunday, September 1, 2013


September is here and i can feel the chills from the Fall coming close each day. Today i've gone rather philosophically about how the rest of my year will look like, something pretty big happened during my summer holiday and let's just say i feel blessed and loved. 

There are always times when you doubt yourself or when you feel as if even though you give your very best in everything people keep disappointing you, they take all that happiness from you by welling over with their negativity and in the end you just feel crap. 

This month i want you to upgrade yourself. Take one thing you want to change and target it. It could be you want to be more forgiving - try seeing those who mess up as humans and realize that it's not hurting you just themselves. Or if you want to be more trustworthy - try letting go of the ropes. Doing these things are risky. You can't control the outcome in any way only thing you can do is adapt and accept the truth that is right there in front of you. Let go of things you're holding onto too tight. Because let's admit it. If something wants to stay it will, if it doesn't nothing can keep it. 

Start freeing yourself. Today. Tomorrow and one day at the time. 

Much love,

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